Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you have a mobile app?

We're working hard and it will be release soon

2) How do I remove someone from sharing?

Click the list that you want to remove myself/someone from, hover over their name and you'll see a little (x) to remove them. Unless you are an owner of a list you can only remove yourself. On IE8 you'll have to click the row first in order for the (x) to show up.

3) Thinks look weird on Internet Explorer

Most people have an old version of Internet Explorer, we recommend upgrading to Google Chrome.

4) I get too many notifications, how can I receive less?

Visit your settings and select only the emails that you want to receive. Its good to keep them for assigned tasks.

5) Do you share my tasks on Facebook?

No, your lists are complete private unless you share them with a friend, and then they're only visible to the users you select through the Social Reminders app. We don't post anything to your Facebook wall.

6) Why do you use Facebook for login?

Firstly its the easiest way to login, we don't want you to have to confirm another email, remember another password, or have to fill in a long sign up form. Its especially easily when you're on iOS 6 with its Facebook integration.

Secondly its the easiest way to collaborate with friends or family on a shared list. No typing in emails or invite system, just type their name and boom, you're sharing

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